WHY BROKENNESS? This is why…one of the best articles I’ve seen. I thought I would share.
Why Brokenness Matters to God
By George Barna
MAY 03, 2016
Being transformed from someone who is focused almost exclusively upon life-on-earth into someone who lives for and like Jesus Christ requires mastering multiple challenges along the journey to wholeness. Brokenness, which is typically the seventh stop on the 10-stop transformational journey, is imperative to experience, understand, and embrace before further growth is possible.
Perhaps not surprisingly, most Christians acknowledge the importance of brokenness but do everything they can to avoid the experience of it. Individual believers seek to avoid brokenness because our culture proclaims that it is for weak people – losers who don’t have the strength, the smarts, the resources, or the resilience necessary to succeed in a competitive world. That same society also tempts people into believing that you need not be broken because the world enables you to have it all, if you set your sights on winning and then play your cards right. Read more

Why Me?

I’m sure you have asked yourself a thousand times. Why ME? If there is a God, then why did I have to go through this? God teaches us to seek HIM. As sinful humans, our natural tendency is to seek only what pleases the body. In so doing, we frequently leave God out of our lives until we need Him. In John 16:33, God tells us that there will be storms in this life. Read more


Brokenness has many faces…greed, poverty, pride, broken relationships, loss of a loved one, illness, guilt, control- just to name a few.  Some individuals will be on top of the world and have to be broken to see how lost they really are before seeking God. Some will start on the bottom and overcome circumstances, later to finally see how God was right there all along, guiding their destiny~ carrying them the whole way. Such as in the case of ABUSE.

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