We spend so much time being busy that we don’t take a time out to be still and be with God.  God is preparing us for what lies ahead. If we set aside time for Him, we may seemingly accomplish less, but we are actually accomplishing MORE. “More” will be reflected as God’s Light in us to the watching world.  Others are watching Christians and those who call themselves Christians.  As I read Isaiah 64 -65, I read of God’s intense appearance.   An all consuming fire that sets twigs ablaze and causes the water to boil.  His mere appearance has been described to be like a storm or an earthquake.  Such glory cannot be understood.  Our sin and uncleanness makes us unapproachable physically to God- at least for now.  What we consider to be our “righteousness” or “good conduct” is described to be like a filthy rag-unworthy of God….STILL.   Read more